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In our consumeristic society, experiences that are not material in form become more material in our appreciation of them because they are things that money can’t buy. Although events and adventures are tangible goods, they come with the unexpected. No two people experience the same happening the same way.

In this issue of The Insider, we dug deeper into what some hotel, airline, and publishing brands were doing to serve society’s growing desire for experiences over things — such as Cathay Pacific’s Marco Polo Artmap program and Financial Times’ The Future of Britain initiative.

We thought it was time to dedicate an issue to the power of experience and the economy that’s making people’s time and lives more fulfilling.

Read about:
    • Leveraging technology in travel to capitalize on the Experience Economy
    • Use creative digital experiences to grow advocacy and loyalty with today’s travelers
    • Using the power of reciprocity to grow travel brands’ reach and revenues
    • Future of Newspapers and Magazines in Flight
    • The erosion of trust in hospitality — a silver lining for hotels?
    • How airlines are leveraging technology to enhance the passenger experience
    • Can GDPR save mainstream media?
    • The future of academic libraries in the experience economy
    • What to look for in digital edition technology

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