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Some of the most provocative questions start with the word “why.” Youngsters are notorious for using it, yet as we mature most of us stop asking why. Instead, we gravitate towards what we know, assume, and accept as gospel. We’re so busy that we never stop and question why we do what we do, thereby impeding our growth in life and business.

By constructively challenging convention, preconceived notions, and assumptions, we can start to address our core problems and begin to make a real difference for our businesses and the people we serve. Indeed, consumer-facing brands have a huge opportunity to rewrite their future by starting with one simple word.

In this issue of The Insider, we try to answer a lot of why questions.  We you find it as inspiring as we did when we put it together.

Read about:
    • Why publishers need to self-disrupt to be reinventers
    • Why it’s time to get smart about consolidation
    • Why in the world are publishers pivoting to subscriptions?
    • Why magazines matter
    • Why publishers should pay attention to blockchain now
    • Why other industries are already investing in blockchain
    • Why publishers need to keep learning from the hotel industry
    • Why content discovery can’t be solved by blockchain alone
    • Why caring is fundamental in a people-first business

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