The Insider

The Future of Libraries

PressReader enjoys a strong relationship with libraries, so we were thrilled to work on this issue of The Insider, dedicated to what someone called “a glorious creation in plain sight.”

Libraries are an indispensable part of our social infrastructure. They just need help communicating that value to the masses who think the internet is all they need.  Libraries have the fundamental building blocks to rewrite their future to serve a new generation of patrons; unfortunately, self-reinvention isn’t taught in library sciences programs, and many struggle.

Some libraries have rewritten themselves, and we discuss them in this issue. They’ve moved from being an institution or repository, to an experience rich in knowledge and humanity.  Their worth is immeasurable.

Librarians as custodians of the world’s greatest treasures have the power to change the world.  And it all starts with an idea.

Read about:
    • The future of academic libraries in the experience economy
    • The impact of advanced technologies on libraries and education
    • The role of public libraries in sustaining democracy
    • Mass media and its impact on information literacy

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