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Is it the end of the world as we know it?

Mainstream media has all the pieces to be profitable; it just has them in the wrong orientation in an internet world.

As serial entrepreneur and author Leonard Brody explains in The Great Rewrite, for the first time in the history of humanity, we own our own communication at mass and global scale.

This condition has fueled the complete inversion of the “funnel of power” – a new reality where readers control what, where, when, and how they consume content.  Many publishers couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around this in 2016 because they were stuck in the paradigms that worked in the past.

We hope you enjoy the issue of The Insider, where we present some of the opportunities publishers and consumer-focus businesses had, and still have, in this crazy, upside-down world.

Read about:
    • An interview with Leonard Brody
    • It’s better to give than receive
    • Invest in journalism
    • Time to ‘fix’ the ABC addiction
    • Can the rise of the entrepreneurial class save media?
    • How to monetize quality content
    • Diversify funding to fuel your future
    • It’s time for some publishers to get with the times
    • Qantas: a case study in creating loyalty
    • China’s media goes global – who cares?
    • Bridging the growing divide between publishers and advertisers

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