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Facing the coming of age

The May 2017 issue of The Insider coincided with special date: it was PressReader’s 18th birthday.

Looking back on our coming of age journey, we reflected on how the internet and mobile made it possible for virtually uninhibited access to any content, anywhere, anytime.  It was somewhat chaotic, unregulated, and even harmful at times, but no one could deny that we were a more informed society than we were 15 years earlier.

The next decade will prove to be even more extraordinary shaped by the exponential rise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

While researching and writing this issue, we felt an urgent need for regulations to protect us against abuse. But we also experienced an elevated level of empowerment, which fueled a desire to embrace it all.

Read about:
    • An interview with Ryan Fitzgibbon, found and publisher of Hello Mr.
    • Personalization vs Privacy – Where do we draw the line?
    • Simplifying the web, rebuilding daily habits, and monetizing a community
    • Politics and the future of media
    • How brands can capitalize on the experiential revolution
    • The future of technology, content and the hotel guest experience
    • Artificial Intelligence and the future of journalism
    • True journalism is not dead if you know where and how to look for it

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