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Community is a word that conjures up different feelings and ideas about how a group of people should be structured/classified. Whether they are physical or digital, communities provide us with outlets for expressing our interests  for feeding them, satisfying them, and expanding them. It’s where we can learn from one another and grow as an individual, a group, a neighborhood, a city, a state, or country.

The power of a brand’s community lies in the loyalty of people who choose to do business with them – a relationship that translates into a healthier bottom line for the company and tangible benefits for the members.

This issue of The Insider shares numerous examples of how communities are helping to grow brand awareness and revenue for publishers, hotels, airlines, libraries, cruise lines, and other consumer-focused businesses.

Read about:
    • Journalism — the catalyst that connects communities and cultures in public libraries
    • Public libraries and their role in sustaining democracy
    • How airlines can grow loyalty with their community through quality content
    • Creating community on cruises through content
    • How hotels can use quality content to better engage with their communities
    • Using quality content to create a community reward program in shopping malls
    • Private online communities — can they work for mainstream media?
    • Capitalizing on the Content + Community + Commerce Trifecta

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