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True Journalism1556 - ?

Leading up to this issue of The Insider, pundits were proclaiming the death of journalism. We found that not only outrageous but offensive. Trustworthy journalism has always been a critical pillar of a democratic society.

Sadly it was, and still is, drowning in an ocean of irrelevant/misleading/commodity content  ̶  a growing pile of crap posing as legitimate news. True journalism needs help more than ever before; it needs champions, fact-checkers, funding, and innovative business models to help finance and sustain it.

In the January 2017 issue of The Insider, we examined the role journalism plays in our society and where quality content fits in a future rocked by changes in consumer behavior, algorithms, platforms, and politics.

Read about:
    • True journalism is not dead
    • Can consolidation save publishing?
    • Newspapers: an excellent place to breed new habits: an interview with Ken Doctor
    • Platforms are the future of media: an interview with Ross Dawson
    • Journalism in the age of algorithms, platforms and newsfeeds
    • Recapturing investigative journalism
    • Bias in the media – good, bad or “ who cares”
    • Privacy vs. right-to-know
    • Spotlight on Mohamed Fahmy
    • Video revolution is here: an interview with Michael Rosenblum
    • The future of media is mobile video: an interview with Eric Scherer

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