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The Year of the Person

Entering 2016, trust in mainstream media continued to decline, and people’s unwillingness to pay for content grew, despite their increased appetite for the news.

Something was fundamentally wrong with the industry’s focus on being digital-first, which is why we titled the second issue of The Insider: The Year of the Person.

PressReader believed then, as we do now, that we need to put the person at the center of our purpose, our decision-making, and our corporate culture. We need to understand why and how they want to connect with us. And we need to help them develop positive habits they would miss if we were gone.

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    • Exploring the future of News with John Stackhouse
    • The New Journalist with Simon Owen
    • Industry Insights from Matthew Ingram
    • Ken Doctor’s Insider View on Publishing’s Hottest Topics
    • It’s Not Digital First; It’s READER First!
    • Audience Is So Much More Than Eyeballs by Maria Terrell
    • Ad Blocking is Not a Curse; It’s An Opportunity
    • Editorial Or Native Advertising: The Key To Success Is To Be Reader-Centric
    • Tangible Looks to Commercialise Engaged Communities of Super Consumers Worldwide
    • It’s time to put readers at the center of your paid content model

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