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The Art of Retention in Hospitality

Retention has become a strategic priority for many hotels because of its strong impact on the brand, its employees, and its guests — a trifecta that represents how interdependent, important, and fragile the relationship is between all three stakeholders.  One break in the chain, and it all falls apart.

Which is why it is so important to deliver guests exceptional experiences pre-, during-, and post-stay to build loyalty and reduce churn.  And why hotels must strive to hire people who have the hospitality gene and an innate desire to serve.

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Read about:
    • How to grow guest retention in 2020 and why it starts with employees
    • Insights from Forbes Travel Guide Standards Advisory Committee on what their hotels are doing today to retain back-of-house staff
    • An in-depth interview with Harsha Chanrai CEO Saira Hospitality on cultivating the hospitality gene
    • How sustainability in hospitality makes good business sense
    • Why caring is fundamental in the hospitality sector
    • How privacy and personalization in hospitality starts with permission

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