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So, why should you choose PressReader over the Cafeyn application? For one, PressReader goes a long way towards extending your services to all your patrons. Our personalization capabilities mean that your members can access the newspapers and magazines they want, in a way that makes sense to them.

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A closer look at PressReader’s benefits


It improves the patron experience

The PressReader app was designed with the end user in mind. To start, anyone can access the app using their library login—from anywhere. Our intuitive reading experience makes for easy navigation across the catalog and our article search feature helps users read about a specific topic without having to find a magazine or newspaper first. This way, all patrons can engage with the content in a way that’s meaningful to them.

It offers tailored experiences

It offers tailored experiences

Once they have access to PressReader, patrons can customize their profile and make their experience on the application their own. They can curate their home feed with a selection of their top magazines and newspapers, set up collections, enable email alerts on certain topics and search through archival content that goes back as far as 2004. These are all things that help patrons make the most of your subscription.


It hosts a wealth of global content

While the Cafeyn app has a broad selection of French content, PressReader gives libraries access to over 7,000 newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries. Most of this content can be automatically translated into one of 18 languages — including French — helping libraries cater to their patrons’ diverse language needs and backgrounds. With publications from different regions, PressReader helps all communities, expatriates and immigrants stay up to date with content from home.

It’s accessible to everyone

It’s accessible to everyone

PressReader’s Accessibility Mode supports libraries in their mission to make sure everyone can read. This WCAG 2.1-certified feature was designed for blind and partially sighted readers to easily access our content. PressReader’s text-view XML processing capabilities can extract each article from the publication catalog so that it can be modified as needed for the reader. This makes it easier to integrate with screen readers for text-to-voice use cases.


It gives you a voice

Library leaders have a wealth of knowledge to share, whether that’s thought leadership on trends in the industry, educational reports, or regular newsletters. Some libraries are also known for creating their own literary magazines or newspapers, written exclusively for their community. With PressReader, libraries can publish that content on the platform and give their patrons access to all of it from one central, easy-to-access location.

It’s affordable

It’s affordable

Without a digital newsstand, library leaders have to identify and select the right publications for their patrons, and then pay subscription fees to each one. That’s a lot of time and energy that could be spent elsewhere. With PressReader, you can have all that time back and stay well within budget. The bonus? Our consumption data will show you what publications your patrons love.


It’s environmentally friendly

Around the world, libraries have been showing their commitment to sustainable development and operating in a sustainable manner as they serve their communities. Adopting PressReader is an important step in the right direction, as our platform of digital publications reduces the need for print, paper-based copies that have to be shipped from various locations. As a result, this reduces the library’s carbon footprint and its waste levels.


It’s easy to deploy

Running the PressReader app is simple: you don’t need any developer resources and our team is always there to address any issues. The platform easily integrates with applications you’re already using so that they can share data and insights. It also has a suite of authentication options: on-site, patrons can connect their devices to the library’s WiFi network, and they can use a number of different login models to reconnect remotely from home.

Why so many librarieslove PressReader

At PressReader, we love libraries. We think that they are critical pillars of society and we’re so proud that we get to partner with them as they deliver important services and resources to their members. With PressReader, libraries can equip their patrons with a comprehensive, accessible digital newsstand that features current newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries.

Want to learn more about why we’re the digital newsstand of choice for libraries around the world? Just ask our customers:

Why so many libraries love PressReader

“PressReader enables us to make available magazines and newspapers in a multitude of languages to meet the needs of our diverse communities.”

Loraine Marshall,
Team Lead Stock Development and Design,
Surrey Libraries

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