A solution fit for libraries

Libraries have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right digital partner to serve their communities. PressReader helps you cover your bases.

It’s accessible

We believe that everyone should be able to read. PressReader’s Accessibility meets regulatory requirements and serves readers who need it most.

It has global reach

The PressReader app offers access to the widest range of high-quality content with publications from over 120 countries in more than 60 languages.

A local presence

With access to local news sources and same day newspapers, our platform helps library patrons stay on top of what’s going on in their communities. 

It’s personalized

Patrons can set up personalized newsfeeds, email topic alerts, content collections and more, to ensure they never miss the content they care about. 


It’s environmentally friendly

By offering all your patrons’ favorite publications on a digital platform, you can reduces your reliance on print and shrink your carbon footprint. 

It’s compatible with your systems

Connect PressReader to the software you already use and offer the same access methods that your patrons are familiar with to keep things simple.

It’s insightful

Consumption analytics give you visibility into what your patrons are reading, to help you plan events and activities, or even curate your collection. 

For the love of reading

For the love of reading

How we differ from our competitors

When stacked up against our competitors, PressReader stands out by facilitating instant, easy access to thousands of publications your patrons love. The PressReader app is also powered by search tools that help patrons quickly identify the pieces they’re looking for.

Library Titles

Diverse global content in multiple languages

From The Guardian to El País, PressReader gives patrons access to the largest collection of magazines and newspapers from around the world — and that’s intentional.

Our library customers often think that their patrons will only gravitate towards a handful of publications once they’re on PressReader, but the reality is that there’s significant engagement across the board. With our massive selection of content, librarians can cater to a diverse range of needs without having to do the extensive work of curating the newspapers and magazines that should live on their shelves. And with insights into what your patrons are reading, you’ll learn what they really love most.

PressReader also helps libraries access content from different regions, allowing immigrants and refugees to revisit content from their homelands. Meanwhile, our translation tool makes content instantly more accessible in up to 21 different languages.

An innovative and interactive interface

Available on desktop or mobile, the PressReader app and website are responsive and intuitive, making them easy to use for members of all ages and abilities.

We’ve also focused our efforts on building leading technology within the industry, continually improving PressReader’s reading experience so that it’s as user-friendly as possible. With user experience top of mind, our platform offers multiple ways to read our content, including our digital replica, text view and listening features.

Our accessibility mode ensures that no one is left out of reading the editorial content they want — aligning with your mission to democratize access to knowledge.

An innovative and interactive interface

“The possibility for so many people with different international backgrounds to read current newspapers and magazines in their own languages is to me an almost priceless feature, because far from everyone can afford a subscription to even one physical version of what PressReader can provide.”

Peter Bladlund, IT & Studies Librarian, Vimmerby Public Library

Our work with libraries around the world

A library is a vital component of any community, supporting its members as they learn, grow and actively participate in the fabric of society. As the world changes, libraries need the right tools and platforms to better serve their patrons.

Here’s how libraries are using PressReader to do just that.

Surrey Libraries (UK)

Serving 1.1 million people across 52 libraries, Surrey Libraries is committed to its patrons, regardless of their needs. In fact, to ensure everyone has access to the services they need, the library created various Libraries From Home programs. PressReader enabled the library to expand the reach of these programs, digitally delivering access to global publications.
Find out how Surrey Libraries went digital

Vimmerby Public Library (Sweden)

To ensure the entirety of its community is served, Vimmerby Public Library (VPL) has developed programs where they visit patrons who can’t make it to their branches. With PressReader, the library has become a central hub for both print and digital resources, allowing patrons to access the content they need in the format
they prefer.
See how Vimmerby Public Library serves their community

King County Library Systems (US)

With over 700,000 active users, King County Library Systems (KCLS) was tasked with providing multilingual resources to its multicultural community. It proved to be a challenge — until PressReader came in. Our Print on Demand solution was easy to install and operate, allowing KCLS to seamlessly manage local and international subscriptions across 33 branches.
Learn how KCLS simplified their subscriptions

Richmond Public Library (Canada)

The Richmond Public Library (RPL) has been a leader in adopting technologies that enhance patron experiences, and adopting PressReader was an important piece of the puzzle. With our platform, RPL has been able to extend its spirit of inclusivity to its services and tools. Members now have personalized access to their preferred newspapers in the language of their choice.
Explore how RPL is personalizing the content experience

Learn more about our competitive advantage

PressReader is part of a growing industry of digital platforms offering access to global publications. See how we stack up.


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