VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA February 29th, 2024 PressReader announces the addition of 18 key titles from Mediahuis Ireland to its expansive catalog, featuring popular publications such as the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Belfast Telegraph, Sunday World, The Herald and more. This partnership allows Mediahuis Ireland’s publications to extend their global reach, leveraging PressReader’s technology and extensive network of channel partners spanning more than 150 countries, and enabling their quality content to reach diverse audiences worldwide.

Mediahuis Ireland, the country’s leading print and digital media publisher, reaches millions of readers daily. Its portfolio includes some of the most well-read media brands in Ireland, with flagship titles like the Irish Independent and Sunday Independent, known for authoritative and trusted journalism. The collaboration extends to the Belfast Telegraph, recognized for its journalistic integrity as well as the Sunday World, Ireland’s pioneering tabloid offering hard-hitting crime reporting and showbiz stories.

This partnership provides Mediahuis Ireland’s publications access to PressReader’s network of channel partners from diverse industries, including libraries, aviation, hospitality, marine, ground transportation and healthcare, bringing a world of quality content to patrons, guests, passengers and patients.

The addition of Mediahuis Ireland’s publications strengthens PressReader’s commitment to delivering quality journalism and content on a global scale. Through this collaboration, PressReader continues its mission to enrich and empower curious minds by expanding its diverse content offering and elevating the reading experience of its audiences around the globe.

“We’re delighted to partner with PressReader, broadening the reach of our key titles to a global audience. This collaboration is a strategic step in our digital evolution, ensuring our readers worldwide easy access to the content they value. It’s an exciting opportunity to connect with new audiences and strengthen our presence in the international media landscape,” says Sheena Peirse, Chief Customer Officer, Mediahuis Ireland.

“PressReader is similarly excited to partner with Mediahuis Ireland, creating the opportunity to leverage PressReader’s technology to bring their popular content to audiences across our extensive network of partners. This partnership holds particular significance for Irish diaspora and travelers who can now reconnect with the hometown news they cherish, reinforcing PressReader’s steadfast commitment to making quality journalism accessible on a global scale,” says Steve Chapman, Senior Vice President of Content Partnerships at PressReader.


About PressReader Limited:

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About Mediahuis Ireland:

Mediahuis is Ireland’s leading print and digital media publisher, reaching millions of consumers daily. We publish some of the most well-read media brands on the island of Ireland including the Sunday Independent, the Belfast Telegraph,, and the Sunday World. We also produce 11 weekly regional newspapers and have a portfolio of six well-known digital marketplaces. Our company is the largest wholesale distributor of newspapers and magazines on the island. Mediahuis believes unconditionally in independent journalism and a strong and relevant media that make a positive contribution to people and society. Mediahuis is part of a privately-owned leading European media group, headquartered in Belgium.

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