VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA November 15th, 2023 – PressReader, a world-leading digital newspaper, magazine, and eBook platform, is pleased to announce an enhanced and extended partnership with CAVU, the innovative airport lounge brand that was founded by Manchester Airport Group (MAG), the UK’s largest group of airports. This partnership marks a new phase in the collaboration between PressReader and CAVU, emphasizing the shared commitment to revolutionizing airport travel and creating seamless, enjoyable experiences for passengers worldwide, particularly within CAVU’s Escape Lounges and 1903 Lounge brands.

The name “CAVU” is taken from the aviation, meteorology term, ‘Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited’ (CAVU), which designates the perfect flying condition, where the ceiling is more than 10,000ft and the visibility is more than ten miles. Backed by over 80 years of aviation expertise and founded by MAG, CAVU is striving to push boundaries and revolutionize airport travel, providing enriching experiences for airport passengers and the businesses in the ecosystem.

PressReader provides CAVU with sponsored access to its extensive content platform, offering over 7,000 global publications from more than 120 countries in over 60 languages. Notably, esteemed publications such as The Economist are already accessible to CAVU’s lounge guests. This not only enriches the lounge experience for CAVU’s passengers, but also extends the exclusive access to CAVU staff.

As part of this renewed partnership, PressReader offers round-the-clock support and assistance to ensure CAVU has all the resources needed to maximize the benefits of this collaboration. This commitment reflects PressReader’s dedication to enhancing traveler experiences and its ongoing collaboration with forward-thinking brands in the industry.

Heidi Stancliffe, CAVU’s Head of Product Strategy, shared her thoughts on the extended partnership:

“We are happy to renew our partnership with PressReader, which provides guests in CAVU’s 26 lounges with a rich and sustainable digital reading experience. With a wide variety of languages and titles offered, PressReader is a core amenity as we continue to grow our lounge portfolio globally.”

“Our journey with CAVU began in 2020 with MAG US and continued in 2021 with MAG UK, marking a journey of evolution and growth. In renewing our global agreement with CAVU, we celebrate the enduring strength of our partnership, which aligns seamlessly with our mission of prioritizing traveler experience and innovation,” said Carlos Martínez, PressReader’s Director of Partnerships. “This collaboration not only broadens global accessibility to PressReader’s extensive content platform but also elevates our brand’s presence within the travel industry. We share CAVU’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and enhancing the traveler experience in the aviation/lounge sector. Together, we’re poised for international expansion, and the synergies between our two companies are set to shape the future of travel.”

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