VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – February 22, 2022PressReader is excited to announce the latest addition to its global all-you-can-read newspaper and magazine platform. As part of its mission to bring trusted, world-class publications to readers around the world, the company has partnered with The Economist, one of the most well-read global affairs magazines, and a widely recognized provider of critical analysis.

Since October 15, 2021, The Economist became available to readers using PressReader through the company’s global hospitality, travel, healthcare and public library partners. The seven regional editions of the weekly magazine are accessible on the web at and on the platform’s award-winning app, which leverages the company’s technology to offer an improved reading experience. In addition, Readers are able to search by topic, save issues for later, and choose between original print layouts or optimized text views. The Economist will also be available to read with PressReader Accessibility, a WGAC-approved product that offers assistive technology including audio features, tab navigation, color contract, user font size control and screen reader compatibility.

“Our partnership with The Economist comes in direct response to feedback from our readers. With another world-class publication to our catalog, we continue to provide our readers with premium content, and elevate the experiences our global brand partners can offer their patrons. We’re excited to continue working with The Economist to uncover more opportunities within our partnership,” notes Alex Kroogman, CEO of PressReader Group of companies.

“We’re delighted to partner with PressReader to bring Economist content – trustworthy, fair-minded, fact-checked journalism that readers can rely on in a polarizing world – to new and diverse audiences on the PressReader platform,” said Bob Cohn, President of The Economist.

As part of its sponsored access model, PressReader has partnerships with a large network of travel and hospitality brands and public libraries. The organizations pay for access to the platform and, in turn, offer it for free to their patrons — extending the reach of quality, trusted journalism. As an added bonus, using PressReader helps brand partners save costs with a consolidated subscription model, and reduces their carbon footprint as they no longer require print copies to be shipped to multiple locations.

Now, through this model, hundreds of millions of library members, hotel guests, airline passengers, and other individuals will be able to read the leading political and economic analysis found every week in The Economist.

The Economist joins PressReader’s prestigious collection of the world’s best newspapers and magazines, which includes The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Newsweek, The Guardian, Forbes, Le Figaro and El País. Moving forward, PressReader plans to expand its catalog of premium content while it continues to meet the need of readers, support publishers’ monetization strategies and carry out the company’s social commitment to expand access to quality information for global citizens.

Learn how to add The Economist to your public library catalog.