VANCOUVER, British ColumbiaSept. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — PressReader, the world’s largest premium newspaper and magazine platform, announced that Nikolay Malyarov has been appointed to the position of CEO of PressReader International.

Nikolay Malyarov appointed CEO of PressReader International (CNW Group/PressReader Inc.)

The move is the next step in PressReader’s plan to strengthen its global presence – a strategic initiative that began in November 2017 when PressReader opened its EMEA sales office and development center in Dublin, Ireland.  From the Dublin office, Malyarov will provide leadership, strategic direction, and management oversight for PressReader’s portfolio and activities across EMEA, parts of Asia, and Oceania.

Over the past 20 years from its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada,  PressReader established a worldwide presence through a combination of direct sales and the creation of an agent network in select countries and markets.  Despite its locale, PressReader was able to secure distribution rights for over 7,500 newspaper and magazine titles for its platform, and build a massive distribution network of tens of thousands of brands in the hotel, airline, library, cruise & ferry line, corporate, and government sectors.

According to Alex Kroogman, CEO of the PressReader group of companies, that strategy resulted in the creation of a solid foundation of content, customers, and commercial partners upon which the company can now capitalize.

“Having established a global network and developed a mature product line, it’s now time to focus on digging deeper in strategic territories and vertical markets and solidify our presence. We’ve only scratched the surface on what’s possible. A closer connection with our publishing and brand partners in EMEA, Asia, and Oceania will open up many new opportunities for collaboration and commercialization,” said Kroogman.

In terms of who should lead the charge in this expansion plan, Kroogman said the choice was obvious.

“Nikolay’s been with PressReader for over 15 years and a member of Executive Team for the past nine. Wearing multiple hats, which he’s known for, Nikolay was instrumental in helping take the company to where it is today in terms of content acquisition, business partnerships, and talent.  He also led our expansion into Ireland several years ago in preparation for this next phase. His in-depth knowledge of our various verticals and the publishing industry makes him the perfect candidate to lead PressReader International into its next chapter.”

Malyarov joined PressReader during its early foray into the digital publishing space when the company had less than 30 employees and only a few hundred newspapers on the platform.  But it didn’t take him long to rack up the airline points in his relentless pursuit to turn PressReader into a profitable global business.

“Even back then when we were just a small startup,  I knew the sky was the limit on what the combination of trusted content, community, and collaboration with consumer brands could achieve,” said Malyarov.  “Hundreds of employees, millions of users, and a massive list of loyal partners in media and business later, PressReader is now on the right trajectory to international success, and I’m honored to be in a position to accelerate that.”

Malyarov’s first order of business will be to build out the team in Dublin and on the ground in key countries and territories.  He will also hit the road and airways to start deeper conversations with partners about joint commercialization opportunities.

PressReader would like to thank its on-the-ground partner in Dublin, the Irish Development Agency, and the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service for their continued support in the company’s efforts to fast-track PressReader’s growth in strategic international markets.


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