PressReader has the largest selection of newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries in over 60 languages. That’s 7,000 trusted publications on a single platform.

It’s editorial from titles your guests know and trust like LA Times, The Guardian, China Daily, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Globe and Mail, New York Daily News and Miami Herald.

And, it’s high-value pop culture magazines like Elle, Rolling Stone, New York Mag, O – The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Vogue, Bloomberg and GQ.

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No matter where your guests are from or what they’re interested in, they’ll find something they like. Curious travelers can search PressReader by country or by city to find premier guides for local events, music, art and entertainment.

They can keep up-to-date with news from abroad or news from home. And, if they want to read a publication originally produced in another language, our translation feature makes it easy.

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PressReader can be available to your guests in minutes, with no installation required. We manage all of the setup and offer complimentary staff training to make sure you and your team have the resources you need to make the most of our partnership.

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We built our platform to give your customers more of what they want and less of what they don’t. With PressReader, your customers get to choose what they want to read, so you don’t have to.

PressReader keeps guests informed, entertained, and inspired. Many guests are travelling for business and need to stay connected to what’s going on in the world around them. For them, PressReader offers countless business titles to keep them on their toes. Others choose their hotel for comfort and entertainment, and those guests know they’ll have access to PressReader while they lounge, dine, and rest.

And for the socially responsible traveler, PressReader is a zero-waste product that dramatically reduces your hotel’s environmental footprint while saving operating costs — and your guest’s conscience. No matter what kind of traveler walks through your doors, PressReader has them covered.

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We know you’re focused on keeping operating costs down and running your hotel efficiently.

It would be impossible to provide every title your guests want to read in print, and even more difficult still to manage all the necessary delivery and recycling logistics.

Going digital means you get to offer more selection for your guests — effortlessly.

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How does PressReader help my hotel improve or achieve a higher Forbes Travel Guide rating?

Forbes Travel Guide recognizes newspapers and magazines as essential part of the luxury guest experience. In order to be rated as a 5-star hotel, Forbes Travel Guide requires that hotels include digital newspapers and magazines as part of the hotel’s amenities. That’s why offering PressReader to your guests can take your hotel to the next level.

> Forbes Travel Guide’s former CEO, Jerry Inzerillo, on reinventing hospitality in the Experience Economy.

Right away! Our publishing partners send us their titles to feature on PressReader as soon as they’ve been approved and sent to print. So you’re getting your hands on content in real-time, even before it hits the newsstands.

> Chat with one of our team members to get a list of relevant regional and international publications available.

Glad you asked. Our pricing varies depending on the size of your hotel because we base our service fees on a per room basis. We also take into consideration the projected usage.

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As a digital platform that distributes content to every corner of the world, we offer different content to different countries due to locations-specific licensing agreements. It’s for the same reason that some of your favorite streaming platforms have to limit which content appears in which countries. For example, someone in London will have different content options than someone in New York — because every region has its own ever-changing distribution rights. This is to ensure our publishers maintain control over the work they work so hard to create.

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Absolutely! We encourage it. Your employees are the best ambassadors for your business and the guest experience you offer, so by including them in the implementation plan you’ll strengthen engagement of PressReader.

Not to mention, access to the world’s premium journalistic content means that employees stay up-to-date with current affairs, making them more effective in their roles, and increasing their awareness of industry developments. Employees can also enjoy PressReader’s wide selection of leisure titles during their personal time, which adds to their sense of being a valued employee.

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Yup! Offer an annual, unlimited subscription to PressReader for your top tier guests as a one-of-a-kind loyalty benefit. Annual subscriptions allow you to reward these valuable customers with continuous access to PressReader’s full catalog, while creating a new direct marketing channel to target specific offers to these loyal customers.

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PressReader connects seamlessly with all of your customer-facing platforms, including apps and websites, and integrates easily with other marketing channels like email and messaging. We’ve built our product with you in mind, making it easy to deliver access to PressReader through all of your marketing channels.

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PressReader’s partnership with the China International Book Trade Group Corporation (CIBTC) will create new international markets for Chinese publishers, while giving readers around the world a direct connection to China and Chinese media. This partnership allows PressReader to provide periodicals to 130 million Chinese people travelling abroad every year. Not only do we offer newspapers and magazines from all over China, allowing guests to stay up to date with content from back home, we also deliver that content on an innovative platform that’s built for content discovery and a superior mobile reading experience.

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Today’s informed guests want to know they’re doing their part to keep our planet green – and that includes the hotels they support. PressReader allows hotels to offer a zero waste newspaper and magazine platform, and helps to support your hotel’s corporate sustainability initiatives, without compromising the quality of the guest journey.

> Survey said: Hotels spend between 50K-200K USD on printed newspapers/year.