Data Subject Requests

PressReader’s Privacy Policy explains the kind of Personal Information PressReader may collect, hold and use with regards to you or your use of our services.   You may, under applicable data protection laws, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), have a right to make a data subject request (“DSR”) with respect to that Personal Information.  Read on!

What kind of rights can you exercise through a DSR?
Your rights will vary accordingly to applicable data protection law.  For example, under GDPR, your rights include:

  • A right of access to data;
  • A right to rectify data;
  • A right to object to the collection and processing of data;
  • A right to erasure of your data;

A right to limit the collection and processing of your data;
A right to data portability
Where permitted by applicable data protection law, PressReader may charge a fee for processing a DSR.

About PressReader’s platform content
We might have your Personal Information because the PressReader Services host content licensed to PressReader by its publishers or copyright holders which may contain your Personal Information due to the events in which it’s referenced are of public relevance, as a result of the public notoriety of your Personal Information or because of circumstances that occur in events of public interest in which you’re the protagonist. According to the applicable law, the processing of your Personal Information might not require your consent and the exercise of your Data Subject Rights might be limited to allow freedom of expression in a democratic society.
For information on how to request the removal of content from our site, please click here.

When you can expect to receive a response
Once we are satisfied that we have received all relevant information with respect to your DSR, including adequate verification of your identity and/or confirmation that you are entitled to receive the personal information requested in the DSR, we will respond to your request within the time frame specified by applicable data protection law. Under GDPR, that’s thirty (30) days.

Made it this far?  OK, it’s time
Please complete the following form in order to submit your DSR. The form must be filled in English. Any attached documents must be in English. If the documents are in a language other than English a certified translation must be included as well. Alternatively, you can snail mail your DSR request to us, by putting your DSR request in a letter, including all of the information requested by us below, and mailing that letter: PressReader International Limited, 77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Block C, Dublin, D02 VK60, Ireland or PressReader Inc., 200 – 13111 Vanier Place, Richmond, BC, V6V 2J1, Canada, attention: PressReader Legal.

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