Data Protection Subject Access Requests

PressReader’s Privacy Policy explains the kind of personal information PressReader may collect, hold and use with regards to you or your use of our services.   You may, under applicable data protection laws, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), have a right to make a data subject access request (“SAR”) with respect to that personal information.  Read on!


What kind of personal information can you access under a SAR?

Your right of access to information will vary accordingly to applicable data protection law.  For example, under GDPR, your right of access to personal information includes:

  • Asking what, if any, of your personal information we hold and where we received it from
  • Requesting a description of your personal information or a copy of the personal information itself
  • Reviewing the purposes for which we process your personal information
  • Understanding to whom we may disclose your personal information, if anyone, including any transfers of your personal information
  • Understand what kind of automated decisions are being made with respect to your personal information, and request human intervention
  • Ask us to assist you in transferring your data to you or to a third party, under certain circumstances

Users who are not entitled to make a SAR under applicable data protection law may make a SAR, however, PressReader is under no legal obligation to respond to the SAR.  Where permitted by applicable data protection law, PressReader may charge a fee for processing a SAR.


What a SAR does not cover.

Your rights do not extend to a request for PressReader to remove information about you in content published on our site by our publishing partners.  For information on how to request the removal of content from our site, please click here.


When you can expect to receive a response.

Once we are satisfied that we have received all relevant information with respect to your SAR, including adequate verification of your identity and/or confirmation that you are entitled to receive the personal information requested in the SAR, we will respond to your SAR within the time frame specified by applicable data protection law.  Under GDPR, that’s thirty (30) days.


Made it this far?  OK, it’s time.

Please complete the following form in order to submit your SAR.  Alternatively, you can snail mail your SAR request to us, by putting your SAR request in a letter, including all of the information requested by us below, and mailing that letter: PressReader International Limited, 2nd Floor, The Boat House, Bishop Street, Dublin 8, Ireland D08 H01F, attention: Chief Privacy Officer


    2. Is the information you are requesting about you? (required)

    [group YES]Please attach evidence confirming your identity, such as a copy of your driving license, passport or other form of governmental ID that contains your written signature, and evidence confirming your proof of address, such as a recent utility bill, or similar, dated within the last month.


    File size limit: 2Mb[/group]
    [group NO]If you are acting on behalf of a data subject, you will be asked to provide evidence of your written authority later in this form.[/group]

    3. Detail of the data subject (if different than Number 1)


    4. If you are not requesting information about yourself, please describe your relationship with the data subject that has led to you making this SAR on their behalf. You may upload any written evidence of your authority, such as a written authorization from the data subject or evidence of your formal legal authority, such as a power of attorney. PressReader will only release personal information to you if we are satisfied that you are entitled to that personal information.



    File size limit: 2Mb


    5. Please describe the personal information you are requesting, along with any other relevant information that will help PressReader identify the information you require.



    File size limit: 2Mb


    I certify that the information given in this form to PressReader is true and correct. I understand that it is necessary for PressReader to confirm my/the data subject’s identity and it may be necessary to obtain more detailed information in order to locate the correct personal information. I understand that making an application for personal information I am not entitled to may be an offence under applicable data protection law. I understand that any statutory response period specified in applicable data protection law will not commence until PressReader is satisfied that I am entitled to the personal information I am requesting.

    I agree