We provide a choice

Our users always have a choice.

They can subscribe for unlimited access to all of the content on PressReader or they can get the full experience sponsored by one of our brand partners. Either way, we track how many of your stories they read so we can make sure all of our publishing partners are compensated fairly.

These are a few of the ways a reader might discover your content.

Brand partner benefits

We work with airlines, libraries, hotels, cruise ships, and other brands to offer PressReader to their customers. We’ll help these partners choose which titles to feature and make smart recommendations so their guests or passengers or patrons might discover your publication and become a new, long-term fan.

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Subscription conviction

Every one of PressReader’s subscribers is a potential new reader for you. Our team of business development experts and partnership marketers is ready to help you make the most of your connection to these highly engaged readers.

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A new kind of newsstand

With millions of users getting brief access to content on PressReader for free, you can use your sample stories to sell individual issues and connect with new readers – right from our platform.

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